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Repair of any electrical car in Kiev

Repair car electronics

Car electronics repair is one of the most complicated profiles associated with car service. Whatever happens to your machine, trust in the repair of electronics costs only proven, highly skilled, masters with extensive experience. Our experts will quickly and carefully test the entire electronic system of the car, find and fix problems. All work is carried out on professional equipment by experienced craftsmen, so the repair takes place as soon as possible, carefully and with a guarantee. If possible, Dr-Auto workers will restore the broken part to factory settings. The cost of our services is lower than at branded service stations throughout Ukraine, and professionalism seems to sound modestly much higher ;)

Chip tuning Firmware ECU

For many years we have been engaged in tuning various levels of engine complexity and have more than a thousand good reviews from our customers, owners of both expensive cars and ordinary cars. Chip tuning is the reprogramming of an electronic engine control unit (ECU) to increase the power and dynamics of a car without losing a resource, optimizing the efficiency of the engine itself. Also, with a quiet driving style, fuel consumption is reduced. Chip tuning is a software increase in car power by optimizing the engine control program and freeing up the hidden potential. Why the manufacturer did not do this and the better we are from other companies, you can get the answers to these and other questions from our specialists. For any questions related to tuning or repairing car electronics, the schedule of our work and recording, please contact us by phone in contacts.

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Firmware blocks


Repair services for all models of car electronics

We perform professional autoelectronics repair in Kiev, Ukraine Chip tuning, automatic transmission repair, alarms and immobilizers

    • ECU is the “brain” of your car.
    ECU Repair

    Diagnostics and repair of engine control units. If the repair is impractical, then the replacement and binding of control units is performed.

    • Breaking down a block creates many problems.
    Repair of electrical block

    Repair of any automotive factory electronics and electricians of all brands of cars, maintenance of electrical equipment

    • Without this, the car will not start.
    Key binding to immobilizer

    Reprogramming immobilizer in case of loss or theft of keys. Repair of the immobilizer unit, restoration of the ability to start a car

    • Devices - link the car with the driver
    Speedometers: mileage, repair

    We recognize the real mileage. Correction of electronic speedometers and odometer twist. Repair dashboard, information displays

    • Automatic - Automatic Transmission
    Repair automatic "Turnkey"

    Repair automatic transmission of any complexity. We use spare parts of leading world manufacturers, we provide a guarantee!

    • Equipment and special soft for service stations
    Diagnostic equipment

    Diagnostic equipment: production, sale, service. We repair airbag blocks of all car brands.


We carry out repair of engine control units for ECU, ECU, PCM, ECM, DME, DDE, PMS, PLD and repair of other electronic control units for cars of many brands and models. We entered the market of electronic control unit repair services in 1995. Since then, we have developed methods of repair and knowledge in this area, which allow us to repair electronic engine control units of many common cars in record time.


Car electricians repair in Kiev

Diagnostics and repair of electrical equipment of the car. We render urgent repair to electricians of a car, departure of the auto electrician

The advantages of repair with us

- affordable prices with high quality of work;
- high-class professionals;
- twenty years of experience in one profile;
- speed and quality of implementation;
- use of modern equipment;
- the latest software;
- repair electricians taking into account safety regulations;
- help in finding parts and units;
- providing a wide range of services.

Diagnostics electricians in the car

Electrical mechanisms in the car often require installation, it is the most important component of any repair work of this type. Safety of operation of devices depends on professionalism of masters and correct diagnostics, therefore it is very important that such actions should be carried out only by a specialist. Diagnostics of car electricians with us is a guarantee of quality. We provide our clients with a favorable price for comprehensive repair and diagnostics services.

Car electricians repair in Kiev

It is not recommended to save on this process, especially if you have an imported car, as the auto electrician takes an integral part in the life of every modern car. All that is connected with the repair of electricians is the field of activity of high-class professionals. Without specialized education is not enough, and who is interested in the fact that his car was engaged in an ordinary mechanic.

We are often asked:

To perform high-quality autoelectronics repair is inexpensive - it is possible!

Consultation, entry to the master: (067) 798-93-93, ‎(097) 800-61-61

We declare with full responsibility the high level of qualification of our specialists, we work only in a certain area of car repair. For many works, specialized equipment is needed. Therefore, if we see that a customer’s problem cannot be solved on its own, we always recommend our maintenance partners who will complete the task perfectly!

Quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our main advantage and the best advertisement of the workshop “Dr. Auto ”for 20 years of specialized activity.


  • Telephones: (067) 798-93-93, (097) 800-61-61
  • Schedule: ПН-ПТ с 8:00 до 19:00
  • Order and delivery: auto parts!

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Car electronics repair quality!

We are sure that if you visit our website, it means that you love your car, and you want to not just somehow solve the problems with repairing automotive electrics, but forget about them forever!

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